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Customized weight loss and maintenance programs

We work with you to develop a personalized weight loss plan based on your health status and weight loss goals.

To help ensure your long-term success, we provide personal support and lifestyle education throughout the program. Some of the features include:

One-on-one counseling sessions with a physician or Nurse Practitioner. Educational materials including videos, PowerPoint presentations, books, modules, handouts, and web education activities created especially for our patients. Customized activity plans appropriate to your fitness level and schedule.

We understand the challenges overweight individuals face as they become active. That’s why we partner with you to make the transition to healthy, active living.

Ideal Protein

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For the fastest, easiest weight loss! This program consists of three IP meal replacements (and 2 cups of vegetables) and one food meal (consisting of a meal and vegetable) per day. Weight loss averages 3-8+ pounds weekly. The products are delicious and require little or no preparation. We have many patients who have lost 50-100+ pounds safely in a short period of time.

Full or Partial Meal Replacement Program

This program replaces all or part of the conventional foods you would typically eat with specialized medical weight loss products. All of the vitamins, protein and minerals you need are in the product. This “stimulus narrowing” eliminates the confusion and stress that often accompany dieting and allows you to safely lose a large amount of weight in a very short period of time. You eat 3-7 times a day, depending upon your calorie needs.

People following this program usually eat between 500 and 900 calories per day. Weight loss averages around 3-5 pounds a week for women and up to 8 pounds a week for men. Meal replacement products contain a significant amount of protein (15 -35 grams per serving) in order to minimize the loss of muscle mass and improve appetite control. Eating small amounts of high quality protein several times a day helps patients to stay ahead of their hunger and stabilizes their blood sugar, which in turn minimizes food cravings.

During the transition phase, conventional low-calorie foods are gradually added back to the diet in place of meal replacement products. People continue to lose significant amounts of weight during this phase.

Conventional Weight Loss Diet

This is a moderate weight loss diet program appropriate for people with 25 pounds or less to lose, or for patients who do not wish to use meal replacements. This plan features a low-calorie diet composed of conventional foods. It emphasizes eating small, frequent meals composed of a combination of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in order to help people stay comfortably full while gradually losing weight. Depending upon the calorie level of the weight loss diet, the starting weight of the individual, and the activity level of the dieter, typical weight loss results are 1-2 pounds per week for women and 2-3 pounds per week for men.

Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Learn to maintain your weight and fitness once you’ve reached your goal. This program is for patients who have reached their weight loss goals and want to learn maintenance techniques. Frequent contact with our medical staff and weigh-ins give patients the emotional and behavioral support they need, while the doctor or Nurse Practitioner oversees the tapering off of medication and/or intermittent uses of other programs for continued success.

Research and experience demonstrate that it takes two years to change eating habits. Maintenance requires the continual practice of a new eating and exercise lifestyle. When a person gains weight, new fat cells are made by the body. Losing weight decreases fat cell size, but overeating easily causes the cell size to expand.

A patient’s new, smaller body size also requires fewer calories than the previous larger body size. People will naturally regain weight if they do not continually monitor their eating. Obesity is a chronic disease and must be monitored closely just like any other serious disease. We offer one-on-one, group, and online weight maintenance programs.

We do not believe that any one treatment works for everyone. We will find something that will work for you.