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Ideal Protein Diet

The Ideal Protein (IP) Diet provides the fastest, easiest weight loss! This program consists of three IP meal replacements (and 2 cups of vegetables) and one food meal (consisting of a meal and vegetable) per day. Weight loss averages 3-8+ pounds weekly. The products are delicious and require little or no preparation. We have many patients who have lost 50-100 pounds safely in a short period of time.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Diet

Prospective Patient

How to get started

Make a new patient appointment and complete initial IHP new patient visit, including lab work, EKG, etc. (see the What happens on my first visit? page for more comprehensive information) Notify the doctor or Nurse Practitioner during your initial visit that you are interested in the Ideal Protein program You will receive an orientation, complete instructions, and your new patient starter bag, which includes your first week of Ideal Protein, one month’s supply of the required supplements, and all other supplies needed to get started during this visit. You will be required to “drop in” weekly for the first month for a quick weight and blood pressure check AND to purchase your next week of Ideal Protein. After the initial new patient visit, your formal office visits with the doctor or Nurse Practitioner will be in two weeks, then monthly, as long as you are doing well and making adequate progress.


  • IHP New Patient - $200 (includes lab, EKG, initial office visit with doctor/Nurse Practitioner)
  • First week of IP - approximately $130 (includes new patient starter bag with one week of IP food products, supplements, and all other starter supplies)
  • IP weekly food cost - approximately $80
  • Office visits - $50 at week two, monthly there after

Current patients - information and forms

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food.