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Weight Loss Success Stories & Testimonials


Bruce's weight loss storyFor months — well years really — I’d been putting off losing the weight I needed to. My blood pressure was getting worse despite ever increasing doses of medications. I had been a borderline diabetic for quite a few years and I was trying to keep it under control with medication and trying to watch what I ate. My father had diabetes and was on dialysis 3 times a week, when he got an infection in his leg and had to have his leg amputated below the knee. Then my doctor told me that my blood sugar level was extremely high and if I did not get it back down, the next step would be to put me on insulin shots. THAT got my attention like nothing else had.

My wife had heard about IHP from a friend at work who had experienced some good results. So both of us decided to take the plunge and commit to the program. On June 8, 2011 we began our journey with Peggy and the other ladies at IHP. I can’t say it was easy or that I was in the least bit happy about it all, but I’ve got to admit it really worked. It helped that my wife and I both were on the diet. She is doing really well on the plan too!

One of the hardest parts for me was limiting myself to the “allowed” list of actual food I could eat. I am an extremely picky eater. My list of “don’t likes” is lengthy. My dinners consisted (and still do) of a whole bag of lettuce, chopped celery and green onions, the occasional radish and/or sprouts, and my 5 ounces of lean meat (usually chicken, steak, pork or shrimp). I will use the outside grill or George Foreman grill to cook the food and reduce the amount of fat. What really helped me stay on the plan, was the discovery of a company called Walden Farms. These folks put out what I call a “no consequence” product line that includes salad dressings. These products have no carbs, no sugar, no fat and no calories. I can have as much of this on my nightly salad as I like — and I like a lot! Being the picky individual that I am, I stick with the Thousand Island most of the time. They also have pancake syrup that tastes like regular maple syrup and chocolate syrup. I add the chocolate syrup to the chocolate drinks on the plan.

Bruce after picturesWell days turned into weeks, and weeks into months (6 to be exact) and before I knew it I’d lost over 70 pounds. Seems like I went shopping for new clothes about every other week. But best of all, after being on the program just over a month, my doctor lowered the dosage on my blood pressure meds and eliminated some medications altogether. I am no longer on diabetic medicine either. I’m feeling better than I have in longer than I can remember. I went from a size 44 waist pant down to a size 34.

I did experience a small setback when I jumped off the program, into “maintenance” for a few months, without enough time spent on learning how to MAINTAIN the new me. For the most part, I was trying to maintain, especially in front of my wife, but I got carried away and was eating way too many snacks. Some of these snacks were “Healthy” snacks, but I would not watch my quantities. In fact, I had stopped at the grocery store one morning on the way to work and bought $30 worth of candy and trail mix (“Not Healthy Snacks”). The store had 8 piece Almond Joy snack packs on sale along with other snack packs. Well I went through 7 packages 1 day at work, that was 56 pieces and a serving size was 1 piece. I continued my binge the next week before I finally said this is crazy. I had put back on 24 lbs in 2 months, but I’m back on track now for the most part and know that I still have a few tricks to learn in order to keep my weight off and live a healthy life — and thanks to IHP I know my improved health will make that life more enjoyable and longer.


I had reached rock bottom when I was at six flags and was told that I could not get on a ride with my 8 year old daughter. We both cried all the way out of the park, all the way to the car and the whole 45 min ride home. I was crying because I was embarrassed and humiliated and could not believe I let myself get to that point, she was crying because I made her leave and she did not get to go on the ride. 350 poundsThat was in June 2008, this picture was taken in August 2008 on a vacation to Galveston. When we got home and printed all the vacation pictures I was in shock of how I looked. I had not been on a scale in almost a year, so I decided to buy a scale. I almost died when I saw that I weighed 315 pounds. How did I let myself get to 315 pounds? I knew I had to lose weight not only for myself but for my 8 year old daughter. I did not want to die at the age of 28 and leave my beautiful daughter behind. So on October 1st, 2008 I went to a Weight Watchers meeting with 2 of my best friends. Little to my surprise it sounded easy and like something I could definitely do. So with my 2 best friends by my side to support me I joined. It was so easy I could not get over how easy it was. The first week I lost 7 pounds. I was sold! I thought WOW I got this. Within the first 3 months I had lost 30 pounds. I was asked to stand up at a meeting and explain how my life had changed by losing 30 pounds. I stood there in front of all those people and cried. I explained that I could see on the scale that I had lost 30 pounds but I could not see it. I was still wearing the same size cloths, a woman’s size 30. Kristies weight loss story I was told that I needed to start exercising. So I went to the gym and I got a personal trainer. After about two weeks I had people asking me how much weight I had lost. I had not lost any more weight at that time, but the exercising had started toning my body up. I lost 75 pounds in the first year, putting me at 240 pounds. I was so happy with my accomplishment. I then switched jobs and had to drive over an hour to and from work instead of 15 minutes. I did not have time to get to the gym. I was going out to eat everyday for lunch with the girls from work. Before I knew it I had put on 20 pounds. I thought no big deal I will just buckle down and get back on track. But, it was not that easy. I was able to get 10 pounds off. But then I was stuck, I could not get the scale to move for almost a year. Then a lady I work with told me about Peggy at Institute of Health Promotion. I was super excited; I looked it up on the internet and called immediately to make my first appointment. When I walked in to the office it felt very cozy and warm. I went back to get started, the staff were all so friendly. When I sat down with Peggy I felt very comfortable talking to her. Huge weight loss success story She suggested that I do the Ideal Protein diet. I was excited to get home and get started. I weighed 250 on that day. I lost 14 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I was super pumped. I knew I could do it. That was on November 15th 2011. Today is 04/20/12 and I weigh 199. I still have a long way to go. But, I still carry that picture of myself at 315 pounds as a reminder of where I came from and where I NEVER want to go back to. I could not have done any of this without the wonderful support of my family, friends, coworkers, Weight Watchers or Peggy and her wonderful staff at Institute of Health Promotion. I have lost a total of 116 pounds as of this morning. It is not always easy and there are times I want to throw in the towel and quit but then someone will compliment me on how good I look or how much weight I have lost and it makes me want to strive that much harder.


Ana HajekIf a good friend of mine had not found IHP I would still be 170.8 pounds, lethargic and unhappy. I thought that this was the weight I was meant to be after having 2 kids and I just needed to make peace with it and go on with my life. My friend worked hard to convince me to just go “check it out”. All I thought was “great, one more diet that is not going to work for me”, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to see what she was up to. After meeting the staff and asking a few questions I decided to make an appointment and really learn what Ideal Protein had to offer. I remember during my appointment asking, “Does this diet really work?” and the nurse confidently answering, “Yes.” At that point, I knew it was going to be hard. This was something I needed to be committed to and I was surprised to find that I was ready for the challenge. I loved hearing the phrase…“Your last diet”. Being in the care of nurses who are monitoring your progress is awesome. One on one attention and private weekly weigh-ins are a key factor for keeping motivated and mentally engaged in the program.

Anna HajekGetting my family on board was the second challenge. My husband and sons were very curious about my diet. We are a pizza every Friday night kind of family. Now we try different restaurants with healthier choices and we cook more at home. Like most Moms, everyone else’s needs come before your own. I am no different. So it was quite a challenge for me to make my health and fitness the top priority each day. There were plenty of excuses, but following my counselor’s advice with just 10 minutes per day of fast walking I found it to be effective and inspiring. Following the meal plan is easy and the food is delicious. Not what I first expected. The numerous food options also make it easy to find what worked for me, which in turn makes it very easy to stay on track. Working exercise into my daily schedule was a challenge at first, now I walk for 30 minutes every morning or pop in an exercise video to get in my floor exercises.

It’s been almost 12 weeks now and my current weight is 143.2. I feel so good now that it’s difficult to describe. My “old” clothes are literally falling off of me. I know I will reach my goal weight and I am confident that I will have the skills and knowledge to maintain the new me. Ideal Protein works.


I started at IHP in November 2001 at 210 pounds. I lost 5 pounds the first month, then the Holidays came and I gained 10 pounds! I came to my monthly appointments, listened to what the doctor and Nurse Practitioner had to say, but didn’t do anything they recommended, except take the appetite suppressants, hoping the medication would make me lose weight. It didn’t. Six months later, I was back to the weight I started at. The NP had a serious talk with me about my lack of progress, revised my program to get me back on track. I lost 7 pounds that month! Continuing my program half heartedly, I did manage to lose a couple pounds, then I would regain it the following month. After 8 months, I was down about 5 pounds from my starting weight.

I knew I NEEDED to lose the weight, but I just wasn’t ready to do the things they asked me to do in a consistent manner. I became pregnant and gained over 80 pounds during the pregnancy. My baby was 2 years old and I was still 65 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. With my tail between my legs, I returned to IHP in January 2007 at 273 pounds. The staff was kind and non-judgmental and we started again. My resolve and commitment level were better now and I was determined to lose the weight. They started me on 1,300 calories per day, with 3 meals (just normal grocery store food) and 2 meal replacements. I lost 6.4 pounds the first month. I did MOST of what they recommended, but I still thought I knew better than they did about some things. Admittedly, I skipped a few meals (mostly the in between meal replacements), thinking my weight loss would go faster, and I refused to exercise. They assured me my weight loss would improve if I stuck to the plan we had developed together.

I continued to do it my way for a couple of more months, losing 3.2 pounds the next month, 4.2 pounds the next. After much encouragement, I started walking 2x a week, lost 4.2 pounds that month. I joined Curves and lost 11.4 pounds that month, 8.8 pounds the next month! Beginning to feel like I could REALLY do this, I joined a 5 day a week Boot camp and lost 14.2 pounds that month. I was then at 221 pounds, almost at my pre-pregnancy weight. I continued the Boot camp, but only 3 days a week, lost 12.8 pounds that month, 12.6 pounds the next. Tired of the grueling Boot Camp, I decided to take a break and go back to Curves. I only lost 2.8 pounds that month, but I needed the rest.

Now at 187 pounds, Christmas 2007, I only lost 0.6 pounds that month. At my January 2008 weigh-in, I GAINED 0.4 pounds! No way was I going to continue that trend, so I started working out with a personal trainer 3 days a week for a month, and lost 6.2 pounds that month. After the month with the personal trainer, I decided to do a Boot Camp again for a month, but I only lost 2.8 pounds this time. Thinking my body needed a change, I started step aerobics and weight training.

It is now May 2008, and I GAINED 3 pounds this month. At this point, IHP decreased my daily caloric intake to 1,200 calories per day, as I’m now at 176.4, nearly 100 pounds down. It really DOES take fewer calories to move a smaller body around! From May to end of October, my weight went from 176.4 to 171.2, as some months I would lose a couple of pounds, some months I gained. My progress was NOT satisfactory for me. At that point, the NP tweaked WHAT I was eating…increased my daily protein to 80 grams, eliminated all processed carbohydrates…I lost 7.8 pounds that month (November) and 9.6 in December (during the Christmas Holiday). I am now at 153.8.

In January, I lost 5.8, Feb- 3.4, March 4.6 pounds. My weight on May 20, 2009 is 140 pounds!!!!! Based upon my Tanita Body Composition, it was decided my maintenance weight should be somewhere between 142-150. The NP increased my calories to 1,500 (protein-100 grams, carbs 150 gm or less, fat 35 gm or less). I continued my elliptical, treadmill, and weight training. My weight has fluctuated between 138.6-141.4. It is now 6 months later, and as of November 2009, I am currently at 139.6 pounds. I weigh myself daily at home, and drop by IHP every couple of weeks for a weight check. I still make and keep my monthly appointments with the Nurse Practitioner.

My beginning statistics on January 2007-Weight=273.4 pounds, BMI (body mass index)-44.1, Fat %-47.9%. Currently as of November 2009-Weight=139.6 pounds, BMI-22.5 (normal-18-25), Fat %=13.8%! Total weight loss is 133.8 pounds. My desire was to reach my goal BEFORE my 40th birthday, and I JUST made it. I did this for my health and my family. Its one thing when you are hurting yourself, but quite another when you can’t climb up the bleachers at your son’s baseball game, and you are the “fat Mom” and embarrass your husband and kids.

The secret to weight loss and maintenance is….do what the Nurse Practitioner tells you to do! IHP starts you out at WHATEVER level you are at, and WITH YOU, develops a plan that you CAN do. The hardest part for me was realizing that I did NOT know what to do and that if I would take their recommendations, I would be successful. They have a sign in one of their exam rooms, “if you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll keep getting what you are getting” and it is true!

Michelle M...

I’m a vegetarian, and I am ashamed that I have let myself get this heavy and want to feel better and get into regular clothes. Also, I like to exercise and it’s difficult right now due to the severe pain and swelling in my legs and feet. Due to my rigid dietary restrictions, I have tried nearly every diet known to man, without success. Out of desperation, I did an on-line search for weight loss clinics and chose IHP solely because they were in the same zip code as I live. I started the Ideal Protein Diet in July 2009, at 249.6 pounds. As of October 29, I am now 195.4 pounds. My goal is 160 pounds. This is the fastest, healthiest weight loss I have ever experienced. For once in my life, I am receiving enough protein and nutrients to be healthy and feel better. If I can do this, anyone can.

Betsy C...

After facing the reality that I had to do something to lose weight and get healthier, a friend recommended that I go to The Institute of Health Promotion. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Peggy Ostrander, the Nurse Practitioner, put me on a plan that kick-started my weight loss, taught me how to reassess what true portions of food are, gave me the energy to begin an exercise program, and gave me the support to stay motivated. I lost fifty- two pounds over a six-month period – not too fast, but a healthy amount over time. My husband did the Ideal Protein Diet with me and lost 101 pounds during the same period of time. I am continuing to follow the plan to reach my goal weight and am enjoying the added benefits of increased energy, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, and an improved general sense of well-being. I whole-heartedly recommend Peggy and her friendly, supportive staff at The Institute of Health Promotion to anyone who is wanting to improve their life by losing weight and learning how to change behaviors for a lifetime of healthy living. They will work with you to develop a plan that fits your life and give you the encouragement and support you’ll need to succeed.